Corporate Events


Need to add some sparkle to your next corporate event? Bruckfeet Productions can offer a range of options, from intimate solo performances to a fully staged show with a full piece band. Get in touch to see how we can tailor our tap magic to your event.

Read on for a taster of previous Corporate performances.

The Liam O’Connor Show
Lee and Simeon have had the great pleasure to work with Liam O’Connor on his show and for many corporate events: A vibrant energetic collection of musical delights, the Liam O’Connor Show is a high-energy celebration of sound and movement, passionate energy, and capturing essential aspects of contemporary Irish music. Spellbindingly brilliant, Liam O’Connor’s passion and magic well enchanting delight his audiences with his unique style. combining elements of blues, jazz, cajun, reggae, samba and classical reels and infusing them with the very soul of Irish music. The show is infused with the powerhouse of Liams virtuoso accordion playing as he takes the accordion to new heights.